Making beautiful things for insulin pumpers. 

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I originally designed and made these insulin pump belts for my two type 1 children in 2010, when they had their first insulin pumps.  I wanted them to have something bright and beautiful to wear, that would also hold their pumps steady against their body, even when cartwheeling, or running about. 

I also make clothing that holds the pump close, making it easier for type 1 children to lead a normal life without worrying about their pump.

If you like the look of my insulin pump belts, please take a look at my Etsy shop, to see what is currently available, or message me on my Facebook page, to discuss any custom orders.  I always have a large selection of fabrics and elastics to choose from for insulin pump belts.


I also like to raise awareness of type 1 diabetes.  If you would like to share my diabetes awareness squares, please feel free to do so.  You can find them on my instagram page, and on my blog,

The other items that I make which have no connection to type 1 diabetes
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